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Generalized Chaplygin Gas Models In Bianchi Type Iii Space - Time Geometry With Time Varying Bulk Viscosity, Cosmological And Gravitational Constants

This paper is devoted to study the generalized Chaplygin gas models in Bianchi type III space – time geometry with time varying bulk viscosity, cosmological and gravitational constants. We are considering the condition on metric potential n n t m R R t m R R R R 2 3 3 1 2 2 1 1 ,       . Also to obtain deterministic models we have considered physically reasonable relations like    p P , r    0  and the equation of state for generalized Chaplygin gas given by    B   . A new set of solutions of Einstein’s field equations have been obtained in Eckart theory, truncated theory and full causal theory. Physical behaviour of the models have been discussed. Keywords: Bianchi type III, Bulk viscosity, Cosmological constant, Gravitational constant, Generalized Chaplygin gas.