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Operational Transform Formulae For Distributional Fourier-Stieltjes Transform

The Fourier transform has a major importance in functional analysis and complex analysis. Also, it is major part of number theory, representation theory etc. The Fourier Transform has wide range of applications in various fields such as optics, spectroscopy, signal processing, in a radar system and so many. In the same manner, the stieltjes Transform also have some extra ordinary applications in various parts. It is key tool to derive information and communication theoretic performance measures for random vector channels. Stieltjes transform can be used to express more intentive performance measures of communication system such as signal to interference, noise ratio and channel capacity. The Fourier Transform and Stieltjes Transform have found various applications separately. Together these two transforms may help in solving different problems and may have many of applications. So, combination and extension of these two transform is very much important. In this paper we have developed operation transform formulae using the distributional Fourier-Stieltjes transform. Also described differential operators F-type, S-type and proved some results on differential operators. Keywords: Fourier Transform, Stieltjes Transform, differential operators, Fourier-Stieltjes transform