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Molecular Interactions Studies In - Al2o3 Nanoparticles

-The experimental data of ultrasonic velocity, density, viscosity has been obtained for - Al2O3 at different temperature in aqueous solution of conc. range of (0.05 to 0.25) mol Kg-1 . The derived parameters such as apparent molar volume of solute (Фv), limiting apparent molar volume of solute (Ф0 v), and Jones-Dole viscosity coefficient ( A & B) were obtained using the density and viscosity results. The variations of these properties with concentration give the information about the various types of molecular interactions like dipole-dipole, or other dispersive forces occurring in the solutions. The study also gives the information about the structure making and breaking tendency of solutes in the solvent. Keywords: Density, sound velocity, Apparent Molar Volume, Limiting Apparent Molar Volume, molecular free length, apparent molar compressibility