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Synthesis Spectral & Microbial Studies Of Some Methyl-4-Thiazolodinone Derivatives

Derivatives of Methyl -4- Thiazolodinone were synthesized by acid catalyzed condensation of Schiff base and Thiolactic acid . Five member heterocyclic ring posses multiple biologic activity .Derivative of Methyl -4- Thiazolodinone have attracted considerable attentions they are involved with pharmacological activities such as antihypertensive antitumor anti HIV activities . Derivative of Methyl -4- Thiazolodinone were characterized by FTIR –HNMR element analysis all synthesized compound have been screened for their antimicrobial activities by using Broth dilution method Keywords :Schiff base ,five member heterocyclic ring,Tholactic ,IR, NMR.