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Separation And Identification Of Toxic Heavy Metal Ions By Thin Layer Chromatography

-Thin layer chromatographic method has been developed for the separation of metal ions such as Cr (VI), Cr (III), Ni (II), Co (II), Cu (II),Fe(III), Zn (II) and Mo (VI)from their two, three and four component mixtures.Silicagel- G is acting as an good adsorbent so various separations were performed on thin layer of silica gel G using aqueous humic acid and DMF ie - dimethylformamide as a mobile phase. The effect of concentration and pH of mobile phase on the Rf values of individual metal ions were studied and the optimum conditions for separation of metal ions from their mixture were determined. By using surfactant and with various additives mixed in mobile phase, metal ions such as Cu2+ , Cr +6 and Co2+ , Ni 2+ were separated from their binary mixture