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Green Approach Towards The Synthesis Of 1-Phenyl Naphthalene Lignan And Their Derivatives

-The use of green chemistry technique reduces the chemical waste and reaction time. Recently, it has been proved in several organic synthesis and chemical transformation. In present work, synthesis of 1-phenyl naphthalene fromβ- Benzoyl propionic acid, aryl aldehyde, acetic anhydride and pyridine was carried out and it was cyclised with PPA and sulphamic acid, by using microwave irradiation. It is a three step reaction. In first step synthesis of α-arylidineγ-phenyl δ,β- butenolide by perkin reaction, in second step synthesis of α-arylidine, β-BenzoylPropionic acid by cleavage using alcoholic sodium carbonate and In third step synthesis of 1-phenyl naphthalene by cyclisation using PPA , H2SO4, Sulphamic acid has been carried out. It has been observed that microwave irradiation method produces better yield and reduces the time period compared with conventional method. The structure of 1-phenyl naphthalene was confirmed by spectral and elemental analysis. Keywords:Microwave irradiation, 1-phenyl naphthalene, PPA, cyclisation, green chemistry