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Face Validity Of Ikbar Using Cvr Method

This study aims to examine the face validity of Adversity Quotient instrument or IKBAR for polytechnic students using the Content Validity Ratio (CVR). The assessment was conducted through the evaluation by 10 test takers among polytechnic students selected via purposive sampling. The instrument involved 220 items with four main AQ constructs such as Control, Ownership, Reach and Endurance. A total of 187 items reach more than 0.62 of CVR critical value, while 33 items required refinement thus showing that the items were built with a good conceptualization. The results of the study prove that the instrument has good face validity. IKBAR has a great potential to be promoted as a good measurement instrument of adversity quotient for polytechnic students. It is recommended to be evaluating by professional and field experts in strengthening the content validity of IKBAR. Keywords- Adversity Quotient, Face Validity, Content Validity Ratio, Polytechnics, Test Taker