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Hand Disinfecting Machine with Mist and UV Light

As the Covid-19 pandemic escalated, there has been a notable rise in the utilization of hand sanitizers, albeit unintentionally resulting in adverse effects on the skin due to repetitive cleansing. Research has revealed that prolonged and frequent handwashing may lead to the development of various dermatological conditions, including chronic skin damage, irritant contact dermatitis, and eczema. Consistently sanitizing or washing hands with soap, causes them to become dry and parched. Washing the hands regularly causes many individuals to use a lot of water in vain. To conserve water and safeguard our hands from the harmful impacts of hand sanitizer, the developed system sprays a disinfectant solution over the hands and exposes them to UV radiation to eradicate any lingering bacteria or viruses. The mist-based system consumes only 8.33 ml of water compared to the 260 ml used in traditional hand washing techniques. The consumption of water is less than 3% than that of regular tap-based hand washing would require. The system has potential to be implemented in high-traffic areas such as hospitals and airports to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Keywords - Ultrasonic humidifier, UV-C radiation, Disinfection