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On the Characteristics of Apharisms Relating to the Concept of "Tongue" in English

The article studies paremiological units in modern linguistics and their specific features which investigates aphorisms related to the concept of "tongue" in English. The use of paremiological units related to the concept of "Tongue" is not only dependent on events, situational changes, even a specific context has the ability to choose the appropriate option. In order to use the aesthetic function of the language, the creator chooses one of the inexhaustible expressive possibilities of the language according to his purpose - the one he wants. The variants of proverbs and proverbs do not mean the same thing, there is a very subtle difference in meaning between them. The author or speaker chooses only one of them to express his opinion more sharply and clearly, according to the speech situation and purpose. These peculiarities of the topic are investigated which are given in conclusions and suggestions on the topic. Keywords - Aphorism, Paremiological Unit, Proverb, Saying, Phraseological Unit.