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Preparation and Characterization of Injectable Alginate-Gelatin Based Tissue Scaffolds

Abstract - Injectable and degradable alginate-gelatin-based scaffolds combined with hydroxyapatite (HAp) and extracted silymarin (ES) were prepared for bone cartilage tissue. Optimization of the gels was made according to swelling, rheological, and mechanical analysis. The effect of adding HAp to the optimum alginate-gelatin gel concentration on swelling, rheological and mechanical properties were investigated. Prepared samples are elastic and mechanically resistant. The addition of HAp decreased the percentage of swelling while decreasing the storage modulus of the hydrogels. Release studies were carried out by adding extracted silymarin to the optimal gel concentration. After 6 hours, 30% silymarin release was observed. Cytotoxicity tests (WST1 and LDH activity test) results showed that alginate-gelatin based hydrogel combined with HAp and ES was non-toxic. Keywords - Injectable Hydrogel, Alginate, Gelatin, Hydroxyapatite, Silymarin, Tissue Engineering