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Model of Elastic-Plastic State of Seismic Thin-Walled Spatial Systems with Rectangular Section

Abstract - The problem of calculating discontinuous thin-walled structures in elastoplastic conditions is rather complicated, relevant and requires the development of special calculation methods. The aim of the investigation was to study the elastoplastic state of an anisotropic body with a wound. Creation of a methodology for calculating thin-walled structures that provides an accurate display of the elastoplastic state at any stage of loading with minimal calculation costs. Creation of a new refined design model of a thin-walled structure, consisting of plates with rectangular cutouts, taking into account various boundary conditions for various types of contour shrinkage, as well as various sizes and whole patterns. The experiment was carried out on the example of a monolithic reinforced concrete flat slab. The analysis of the results of theoretical studies, calculations and experiments is presented. On the basis of the processed methods, an algorithm and a software package were presented. Scientific novelty is: to create a method for calculating thin-walled rectangular structures under conditions of an elastoplastic state, which ensures the determination of the elastoplastic state at any stage of loading. General methods for constructing solving differential equations for calculating interval parameters, plates and membranes in particular cases are presented. Methods for solving differential equations with variable and discontinuous coefficients are indicated. An accurate design model of a thin-walled structure made of rectangular cut plates has been created. Keywords - Algorithm, Groove, Membrane, Plate.