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LoRa based Lake Monitoring System

This report aims on the construction of a model for monitoring of lakes. It is a LoRa based monitoring system which helps in long range communication up to 15 kms. The model can help in providing a diverse information about the lake and its surrounding. The construction is split into two portions, the transmitter end, and the receiver end. The job of the transmitter end is to garner data through various sensors and pass it on to the ESP 32 microcontroller. The microcontroller connects via LoRa and sends data over to the receiver module. whereas the job of the receiver end is to receive the data using the LoRa receiver. The ESP32 microcontroller at the receiver end helps in displaying the data on the LCD module and uploads the data to the Blynk cloud via a Wi-Fi or hotspot network. The data can be represented graphically using the Blynk Application to the user through the medium of graphs, charts, and numbers. The data can also be exported and saved in a spreadsheet format for analysis.