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A Swot Analysis on the Competencies and Professional Development System for Pharmacists Working in Hospitals of Kullu District: Implications for Development of Work Enhancement Module

As per World Health Organization 2016, Pharmacists accounted for 11.2% of the nation’s health workforce and the share of pharmacists was second highest in Himachal Pradesh (HP) (20.3%). In health care sector of HP, empowering pharmacists to improve their contribution to the healthcare sector is key. In many countries, clinical pharmacy has developed into a separate discipline and become a vital part of inpatient care in hospitals. However, as compared to many established branches of medicine, clinical pharmacy still has much room for growth, improvement, and recognition by both the medical community and patients. In this study, a widely-recognized development strategy analysis tool, Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat (SWOT), was used to systematically address several key issues to the development of competencies of pharmacists working in Hospitals of Kullu District in HP. This analysis aims to provide feasible recommendations for the development of a competency enhancement module by identifying current problems and growth opportunities. By analyzing both the quantitative and qualitative responses, it is found that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and improved manager influence and feedback systems is required to keep the staff motivated apart from benefit package and job promotion expectations. Pharmacy and medical (drug related) authorities should also at the state and local level, undertake initiatives to enhance the role of pharmacists in both community settings and hospitals to improve the therapeutic outcomes for patients.The result sheds light on the need of further preparation of a module on the subject to formulate an effective work place system to motivate and equip the Pharmacists with appropriate competency enhancement foundational skills to reduce their stress levels with good interpersonal relationships with team and personal, professional, industry, technology and global mind set skills. Keywords - SWOT Analysis, Competencies, Professional Development, Pharmacists