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Clinical Indications of Triphala Tablets - A Scientific and Experiential View

Herbal and herbomineral formulations are widely used in common general pra tice by Ayurveda physicians . These formulations are cost effective , safe and affordable also to the patients . Triphala tablet is one such preparation which is having least side effects rather have side benefits . It can be given for prolonged period also. However in large doses it may produce diarrhoeain some patients . Triphala tablet is indicated in chronic constipation , hemorrhoids , fissure in ano, fistula in ano, gudadaha , ascitis , partial intestinal obstruction , flatulance,kukshishoola , intestinal colics, general anasarca , padashotha, ( Bilateral pedal edema ), shwasa, kasa, cirrhosis of the liver, pleural effusion , hyperacidity syndrome , and carcinoma of different types. Triphala acts as laxative , rasayana , ulcer healing , anticancer , ropana, vrinashodhana, mukhapakahara, and vayasthapana actions. The present paper highlights about the clinical indications of Triphala tablets in a scientific and experiential view . Keywords - Triphala , Rasayana , Ayurveda