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Targeting Wnt-Pathway in Cancer Stem Cells for Anti-Cancer Therapy

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are a self-renewing sub-population of cancer cells which are believed to be integral to the development and perpetuation of cancer. Numerous studies show that CSCs play a pivotal role in the development of metastasis and chemo-resistance. The Wnt/ Beta catenin signaling pathway is one pathway responsible for a variety of cell renewal, proliferation and repair processes and has shown to be a prominent regulator of CSCs. Targeting the proteins involved in this oncogenic pathway can prevent disease recurrence and act as a potential cure. In this review we discuss about the potential of targeting the Wnt pathway as a promising anti-cancer therapy, the challenges and future prospects of this approach. Keywords - Cancer Stem Cells, Wnt/ Beta Catenin Signaling Pathway, Metastasis, Anti-cancer Therapy