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Prostate Cancer Epidemiology and its Global and India Trends

The second most frequent diagnosed cancer in men after lung cancer is Prostate cancer (PCa). PCa is also the fifth leading cancer for mortality in men worldwide. PCa is observed to be asymptomatic at the early stage and often need only active monitoring. GLOBOCAN 2018 estimates indicate that new cases of PCa reported worldwide are 1,276,106 and for India are 25,696, with higher incidence in developed nations [[1]]. For the current year 2020, in the US, the new PCa cases are estimated at 191,930 and death due to the disease is estimated at 33,330. It is also observed that the incidence is about 60% higher in blacks as compared to whites for unclear causes [[4]]. In India for the current year 2020, the national cancer registries projected number of PCa cases is 41,532 and estimated to be 47,068 by 2025. Annual Percentage Change of PCa for Bangalore PBCR has increased drastically [[3]]. It is observed that PCa incidence, mortality rates are intensely linked to the age with the maximum incidence being comprehended with men with age greater than 65 years. The burden of Prostate cancer can be reduced by adopting healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, physical activity and also early detection through regular screening and quality treatment at early stages [[3]]. Keywords - Prostate Cancer, Incidence, Mortality, Prevalence, Trends, World, India, Bangalore