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Production of Hydrogen from Biomass

Hydrogen is currently used in the chemical industry to produce various essential compounds like ammonia, methanol, etc. But with the depletion of fossil fuel and increasing energy demand of energy, the requirement of Hydrogen in the coming years is going to increase as it is expected to become a significant fuel that will largely contribute to the quality of atmospheric air. Traditionally, fossil fuel was used for the production of Hydrogen gas, but with recent development, there has been an enhancement in the already existing process and biomass and solid waste had been bought into the picture to produce Hydrogen gas. Pure Hydrogen is also produced from electrolysis of water which is an energy-intensive process. This study focuses on the production of Hydrogen from biomass using various means mainly divided into two categories „Thermo-chemical‟ and „Biological Processes‟. The thermochemical processes include fast pyrolysis, SynGas conversion and Thermochemical gasification. On the other hand biological processes mainly include dark fermentation, fermentative hydrogen production and bio-catalysed electrolysis. This study also includes a section on environmental impact of two important processes of thermochemical gasification and fast pyrolysis. The last section of this study is devoted towards four recent methods to purify hydrogen. Keywords - Hydrogen, Gasification, Pyrolysis , Dark Fermentation, Bio-Photolysis, Syngas I. INTRODUCTION Hydrogen is