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Growth Response of Some Woody Trees Grown Underwater Regime Condition

The presented work was accomplishments at green house of National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt, to study the effect of three water intervals ( 7, 12 and 17 days) and three species namedFicuslaurifolia (Sp1),Leucophyllumfrutescens (Sp2) and Tiliaplatyphyllos (Sp3) and there interaction in growth,photosynthetic pigments and some chemical constituents in leaves,stems and roots on previous mentioned three species. The results showed the greatest plant growth in terms of root length,stem dry weight and leaves dry weight were recorded for plants irrigated every 7 days. Prolonging irrigation upto 17 days decrease previous mentioned parameters andchlorophyll a,b. Conversely, more increase in irrigation intervals up to 17 days led to increase in carotenoids,proline and potassium concentration in stem. Ficuslaurifolia surpassed the other species in growth parameters,proline concentration, phosphor and Potassium concentration in leaves,potassium content in stem and Nitrogen, Phosphor and Potassium accumulation in roots. While Leucophyllumfrutescensregistered highest content for chlorophyll a, b, carotenoids, Nitrogen, Iron, Manganese and Zinc in leaves and Nitrogen and Phosphor content in stem.On the other hand,Tilia plant recorded the leastconcentration of photosynthetic pigments,Phosphor,Potassium in leaves,Phosphor in stem and Nitrogen and Phosphor in roots. The interaction between Tiliaplatyphyllosplants with 7 days recorded highest values of stem fresh weight and leaves fresh and dry weight. Leucophyllumfrutescens plant interacted with 12 days intervals gave the greatest values in chlorophyll a,b,carotenoids and Nitrogen accumulation in leaves. Ficuslaurifoliaplants with 12 days intervals gave the highest values on root dry and fresh weight,stem diameter, leaves number, root length, root dry weight and Phosphor and Potassium accumulation in roots. While Ficus plants interacted with 17 days gave the highest proline concentration and Nitrogen accumulation in roots. In this respect, prolonging irrigation intervals increase proline accumulation in most cases. Keywords: Water Intervals, Species, Nutrients, Tiliaplatyphyllos, Ficuslaurifolia Leucophyllumfrutescens