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The Effects Of Technologies That Are Used In The Manufacturing Process On Job Satisfaction: The Case Of The Turkish Garment Sector

The garment sector, which is known as the leading sector of Turkey and a labor-intensive sector, has a significant potential to change all production processes and business models. Therefore, for survival in a highly difficult global competition environment, the garment industry needs to start transition to smart companies from ordinary production facilities and invest in today’s technology. In this context, the Turkish garment industry which has an especially competitive and dynamic infrastructure, is aiming today to be pioneering in technology and design issues and have high organization and export capacity in the global integration process of it which started by contracted manufacturing for purchasers from the EU. Thus, the purpose of this study is to discuss the manufacturing technologies used by garment businesses in terms of hardware, management and production systems and determine the job satisfaction effects of these factors on the employee. The data of the study, with a sample consisting of 840 employees working at garment businesses in the province of Istanbul in Turkey, were collected by a questionnaire form that was developed by the researchers. As a result of the statistical analysis of the obtained data, the utilization rates of manufacturing technologies were determined, the job satisfaction effect of the technologies that were used on the employee was analyzed, the results were presented and interpreted in tables, and recommendations were brought. Keywords - Textile Sector, Garment Companies, Job Satisfaction, Manufacturing Technologies.