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Comparative Study of Organic Farming Versus Chemical Farming in Jhunjhunu District, Rajasthan

In our research, the comparative analysis between organic farming and chemical farming has been made to explore the agricultural economy. In the post independence period, the most important challenge in India has been to produce enough food for the growing population. Hence, high-yielding varieties are being used with infusion of irrigation water, fertilizers, or pesticides. This combination of high-yielding production technology has helped the country develop a food surplus as well as contr 0ibuting to concerns of soil health, environmental pollution, pesticide toxicity, and sustainability of agricultural production. Scientists and policy planners are, therefore, reassessing agricultural practices which relied more on biological inputs rather than heavy usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Keywords - Organic Farming, Chemical Farming, Sustainability of Agricultural Production, Soil Health, High-Yielding Production