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Calculation Rainfall-Runoff Water of Small Watershed at Bazerky Village, Duhok Governorate

Runoff is one of the important hydrologic variables used in the water resources management and planning. However, quickening of the watershed management program for conservation and development of natural resources management has necessitated the runoff information. Subsequently, the monthly watershed averaged rainfall can be transformed to monthly watershed runoff using a simple conceptual model or for instance empirical methods such asthe rational method or SCS-CN method. The result show that maximum peak runoff rate equal 0.003m3/sec on overall catchment using rational method whereas ScS method show that highest runoff discharge at AMCII equal 248.38 mm in winter season and have lowest runoff discharge in Autumn season in 58.23mm, linear correlation equation Y=0.5988X-3.186 between average monthly rainfall and runoff show highly correlation coefficient r2= 0.9. It can be concluded thatthe calculated yearly runoff of the peak runoff in mm was 0.0027 m3/sec. Minimum runoff was observed under conditions AMC1 (autumn) and maximum runoff was observed under the AMC11 conditions (winter). Keywords - Mollisols, Pedons, Soil Development, Soil Morphology, Soil Texture, Soil Structure, Horizons.