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Effects of Optifeed® and Oleobiotec® on Broiler Performance and Immunity

A comparative trial was conducted to evaluate the effect of functional feed additives (Optifeed® and Oleobiotec®) on broiler performance and Immunity status. This trial included 720 chicks of a commercial broiler (Ross-308) and were randomly distributed into four groups: T0: control (without addition), the two functional feed additives (Ffa) prepared in PHODE Laboratories-France was supplemented T1: Oleobiotec® (100gm/ton feed), T2: Optifeed® (500gm/ton feed) and T3: mix of Oleobiotec® (100gm/ton feed) and Optifeed® (500gm/ton feed) fed for 42 days. Results presented significant (P<0.05) improvements in body weight (BW) of (Ffa) at 11, 25, 35-d, especially high BW at 42-d in T1, T2, T3 as compared with T0 , thus significant (P<0.05) increases in feed intake and body weight gain during 42 days in T2 and T3 as compared with T1 and T0 (control group). FCR improved in T2 and T3 at 42-d, while significant (P<0.05) mortality decreased in T1, T2 and T3 as compared with T0. The percentage of Slaughter weight, eviscerated dressing, breast pieces and sensory panel achieved significant (P<0.05) increase in T1, T2 and T3 at all ages, thigh and drumstick, heart, liver, gizzard and proventriculus increased in T2 and T3, while back, neck and legs relative weight showed significant (P<0.05) decrease in T2 and T3 along the ages, abdominal fat was reduced in T1 of all ages, while no significant effect among all groups in wings relative weight. The males achieved highly significant body performance and slaughter portions as compared with the females. The broilers production index (PI) at 35-d and 42-d, and economic profits ($/kg) at 42-d achieved high significance (P<0.05) in whole slaughter and the portions of breast, thigh, in T3 and T2 as compared with whole slaughter. Regarding the immune statue for ND, IBD and IBV antibodies blood titre tests recorded significant (P<0.05) improvements in T3 after then in T2 at all ages as compared to the control group. Conclusion: These results suggest that addition of Optifeed® and its mix with Oleobiotic®can be used as alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters without interfering with the overall health and performance of broilers. Keywords - Optifeed®, Oleobiotic®, Performance, Immunity, Broiler.