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Skin Segmentation of Indian Sign Language Recognition System for Differently-Able People

About nine thousand million people in the world are deaf and dumb. The language and education problem that deaf people face now become an important research area in Indian Sign Language(ISL).The focus is on ongoing struggle to establish Indian Sign Language as a legitimate means of instructions in the school education of deaf children. This method has made it possible for deaf student to participate in social activities. This creates a very small space for them as communication is a primary aspect of our life. Research is still in process and not classified its nature as a full-fledged language. The problem arises when they left school and found a job in the hearing society. If they are not confident to express themselves, they will lose the opportunity. To develop teaching theories, methods curriculum it is essential to develop a system which can automatically recognize sign language. Proposed system targets dynamic gesture recognition of real time Indian Sign Language of impaired school children. The captured image first converted into combined method of YCbCr and HSV method for pre-processing. Segmentation is done to get more better result. Classification is done by Support Vector Machine(SVM).This type of system would be helpful in teaching for impaired people. Keywords - Indian Sign Language, Deaf Communication, Dynamic Gesture, Support Vector Machine.