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Total Dissolved Solids and Turbidity Removal from Acid Mine Drainage using of a Coal Fly Ash-based Complex Coagulant

Mining processes are among the most environmentally unfriendly industrial processes because they produce wastewaters that are heavily polluted with ions and highly acidic. The coagulation using a synthesized coal fly ash-based composite coagulant method was studied as a wastewater treatment technique for the purification of acid mine drainage (AMD). The coagulation process was investigated by varying pH, coagulant concentration and coagulation time. It was found that the composite coagulant yields an effective treatment for AMD since the total dissolved solids (TDS) was reduced and complete turbidity removal was achieved. The composite coagulant was found to performbetter than the conventional ferric and aluminium sulphate coagulants. The coagulation mechanism is adsorption and the complex coagulant having higher electric charge is favour of adsorbing the suspending colloid impurities in AMD. Keywords - Coal Fly Ash; Complex Coagulant; AMD; TDS; Turbidity.