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Effects of Yogic Practice on Flexibility Balance and Agility of Intervarsity Level Male Football Players, 45 Days Training Session

Physical Fitness is a general condition of thriving and, achievement and considerably more unequivocally, the capacity to perform bits of Sports or occupations. Differing people have particular ends concerning physical wellbeing. The specialty of yoga has simply started in India and now has been spread everywhere throughout the world. The elementary reason for the examination was embraced to assess the impact of 45 days yogic training program on flexibility, balance and agility of Intervarsity Level Male Football Players. For this study 20, Male Football Players were selected from Sant Baba Bhag Singh University Khiala, Jalandhar. For the study, only those players were selected who will be going to participate in the north zone football tournament. Researcher measured three components, flexibility, balance and agility through respectively sit and reach test, stroke balance test and Illinois agility test Pre-training data were collected before the Yogic Training Session and Post-training Data was collected after the Session. The collected data were put to statistical treatment applying t’ test to find out the differences, On the time of analysis 0.05 was set as the level of significance and the result shows that there wereshows that there were flexibility and agility significant impact of training on players, but in the balance, the impact was found but not significant. Keywords - Yogic Practice, Flexibility Balance Agility, Male, Football, Players.