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Distress in Women: Before and After Pregnancy

The article reveals the specifics of distress at women in the dynamics: during pregnancy and after childbirth. The study analyzes and describes data of 86 women. The methods based on transactional theory of stress were used for realization of scientific tasks. It was found that a pregnancy of modern women is accompanied by lasting distress. Not only personal but also environmental (family) factors take part in distress formation. Results testify statistically significant higher level of distress during pregnancy in contrast to a period after childbirth. Correlation analysis showed that the level of perceived stress correlates at a high significance level with each scale of the symptomatic questionnaire. Perceived stress is also associated with the coping strategy "Avoidance" and with the personality trait "Emotional stability", with an inverse correlation. The identification of psychological factors of distress during pregnancy indicates the need for psychological interventions to accompany pregnancy. Keywords - Pregnancy, Distress, Personality Traits, Symptoms, Perceived Stress, Coping-Strategies, Attitude Towards Pregnancy.