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Phytochemical Profile, Cytotoxicity and Antioxidant Activities of Rosmarinusofficinalis L. Stem Grown in Libya

Rosmarinusofficinalis L. (Rosemary); woody herb plant with fragrant evergreen needle-like leaves. It has a potential pharmaceutical and economic impact. It is used as flavoring agent in cooking and used in industry as a natural antioxidant for food conservation. It has been reported to have diverse biological activities. HPLC/PDA/MS/MS profile of rosemary stems led to identification of 24 compounds including phenolic acids, rosmarinic acid and its dimer salvianilic acid B. In addition to phenolicsditerpenes and flavonoids including aglycones, glycosides and methoxylated flavonoids. Our study showed that stems Libyan rosemary possess antioxidant and anticancer activities more than the leaves. We can conclude that whole rosemary plant should be used in both pharmaceutical and food industries. Keywords - Libyan Rosemary Stem ,Orac, Cytotoxicity, Hplc/Ms