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Hydrogen-rich Gas Production via Two-Step Gasification of Sunflower Meal

Sunflower meal was liquefacted at different temperatures, reaction times, water:biomass ratios, and catalyst:biomass ratios. Highest hydrogen yield (5.55 mol H2/kg sunflower meal) was obtained at 350 °C, 60 min, using a catalyst ratio of 10 wt.% and water:biomass ratio of 50:1 (wt.:wt.). Liquid product of this reaction (contains 74 mol% acetyl tributyl citrate) was gasified through catalytic steam reforming in a continuous reactor at different temperatures and water:liquid ratios. Highest hydrogen yield (9.30 mol H2/kg liquid) was achieved at 800 °C and 24:3 water:liquid ratio (vol.:vol.). Keywords - Sunflower Meal, Liquefaction, Gasification, Hydrogen