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A Study of Cardiovascular Endurance Among National Level Players of Different Games

The purpose of present study was to compare cardiovascular endurance among different games. To achieve the purpose of the study, sixty (n=60) national level male players of different games (20 for each game i.e., football, hockey and volleyball) from Chandigarh age range between 19-26 years were selected as subjects of the study by using purposive sampling technique. To assess the cardiovascular endurance of the subjects Cooper’s 12 minutes run/walk test was used. To find out the significance difference among national level players on cardiovascular endurance, analysis of variance (ANOVA) was applied with the help of SPSS software. For testing hypothesis, the level of significance was set at 0.05. Results of the study revealed that there was significant difference found among the different games i.e. football, hockey and volleyball in relation to their cardiovascular endurance, after that it can be observed that football and hockey have highly significant difference and footballer have better cardiovascular endurance than volleyball and football players. Keywords - Cardiovascular Endurance, Football, Hockey And Volleyball