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Estimation of Infiltration Parameters for Furrow Irrigated Fields of the White Nile Sugar Estate

The infiltration parameters k, a and fo of the modified Kostiakov-Lewiss equation has been estimated by the one point method; using three double ring infiltrometers. The results revealed that, k, a and fo were 0.0057 m/min, 0.606 and 0.000133 (m/min), respectively, Accordingly, the modified Kostiakov-Lewis equation will be read as: [Z = 0.0059 t 0.606 + 0.000133 t].. These empirical constants is very important for both administration and researchers in the process of estimating the required water infiltration depth along the furrow as a function of time to apply the actual amount of irrigation water depth required. Keywords - Basic Infiltration Rate, Empirical Constants, Intake Opportunity Time, Infiltrated Depth.