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Association of PGR Polymorphism with Reproduction and Production Traits in Rabbits

The polymorphism and three different genotypes (AA, AG and GG) by PCR RFLP method were detected in the progesterone receptor gene (PGR) promoter in local crossbreed rabbit line. We have noted slight majority frequency of non-mutated allele G (0. 54) over allele A (0.46). Associated studies aimed at the effect of genotypes AA, AG and GG on litter size showed the highest litter size and liveborn kits in litter had does with genotype GG. The best results for milk production had the does of genotype GG followed genotype AG. In the numbers of stillborn kits were no significant differences among genotypes, however the highest pre-weaning mortality (P<0.001) was in heterozygous genotype AG. Keywords - PGR, Genotype, Rabbit, Reproduction, Pre-weaning Mortality.