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Anxiety and Depression Among Clients with Substance use Disorder in Different Treatment Centers of Dharan, Nepal

Introduction: Substance use disorder has become a global concern, Nepal being no exception. Various literatures show psychiatric co-morbidity in clients with SUDs, mostly depression and anxiety. Objectives: To study the comorbidity of anxiety and depression among the clients with substance use disorders in different treatment centres of Dharan. Methods: This is an observational cross-sectional study conducted in different treatment centres of Dharan municipality among the clients with substance use disorders. Each client was provided to fill a set of questionnaires containing demographic profiles and self-rating tools for anxiety and depression. Beck’s Anxiety Inventory (BAI) and Beck’s Depression Inventory (BDI) were used to assess anxiety and depression respectively. Results: All the 104 cases were males with median age of 30 years (IQR 23.00 – 40.00 years). Median duration of substance use was 11 years (IQR 6.00 – 17.00 years). Per-capita income was 1.25 dollars (IQR 0.67 – 2.00 dollars). Median BDI score was 22 (15.25 – 28.00) and median BAI score was 16.50 (9.00 – 26.00). Educational level was significantly associated with depression (p= 0.029) in clients with substance use disorder. Conclusion: There was high levels of anxiety and depression among the clients with SUDs admitted at various treatment centres of Dharan. So, psychiatric co-morbidity must be addressed in clients seeking treatment for SUDs. Keywords: Anxiety, Depression, Substance Use Disorder