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Visible Light Induced Photocatalysis on CDS-Modified TiO2 for Textile Wastewater Treatment

CdS-modified TiO2 (CdS-TiO2) has been studied via hydrothermal method for visible-light-driven textile waste degradation. FESEM, TEM, XRD and UV-Vis DRS were used to characterize the as-prepared samples. The photocatalytic performance with loading 1, 5 and 9 w% of CdS on TiO2 and 1 g of CdS-TiO2 in 1 L textile waste has been investigated for 6 h degradation under 83% of visible light irradiation. FESEM/TEM analysis indicated that CdS already decorated onto TiO2 and the prepared sample could red-shift the absorption to visible region with the band gap down to 2.8 eV. The CdS-TiO2 samples performed higher degradation rate than that of bare CdS-TiO2, which could be attributed to the intense visible-light response and better separation efficiency of photogenerated electrons-holes. Keywords - CdS-TiO2, Visible Light, Degradation, Textile Wastewater.