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Evaluation of Biogas Production from Common Reed with/without Chemical Pretreatment and Energy Analysis

This paper aims to investigate the alkaline pretreatment methods by designing and conducting lab-scale biogas production system, the pretreatment was operated on 3 doses of NaOH such as 0%, 2% and 4% with initial parameters of material for TS, VS, and COD were 48.80 ± 0.25%, 46.20 ± 0.14%, and 85,333 ± 13,597 mg/L, respectively. Meanwhile, VFA and ALK was 2,857.14 ± 485.93 ml/L and 1,683.3 ± 131.23 mg-CaCO3/L. pH, Ash, and Moisture content presented 5.69 ± 0.02, 7.00 ± 0.43%, and 51.20 ± 0.25%, respectively. The fermenter with 2.5 liters of the working volume was used for this research. The fermentation of co-substrate was undergone 45 days of HRT. The results were observed 2% NaOH concentration given the highest yield of approximately 20.000 ml, and maximum methane content reached 70.1%. The utilizationTS, VS, and the COD removal of this work was expressed as 71.8%, 63.9%, and 52%, respectively. Besides, the higher calorific values (HCV) and lower calorific values (LCV) produced from biogas were 27.96 MJ/m3 and 25.19 MJ/m3, respectively. Keyword - Grass, Pretreatment, Heating Value, Methane, Biogas Production.