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Optimization of the Production of Chitin from Tenebrio Molitor and its Application for Biosorption of Metalsfrom Industrial Wastewaters

The optimization of the extraction process ofthe high content of chitin from the exoskeletons of Tenebrio molitorL. beetles has been developed. Once extracted, chitin has been characterized physicochemically and spectrally (FTIR, X-ray difraction). Finally, the bioadsorption of metals from industrial wastewater by the action of the previously obtained chitin was studied, providing data that demonstrate that the biosorption of metals by this chitin can represent an alternative, low cost and competitive technology for the removal/recovery of metals from different industrial wastewaters. Keywords - Chitin, Tenebrio Molitor, Extraction, Metals, Biosorption, Kinetics, FTIR, X-ray Spectra.