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Electric Matt Insecticide from Cambodia Extract

The Ministry of Health of Indonesia recorded the number of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) patients in Indonesia in January-February 2016 as many as 8,487 people with the number of deaths 108 people.Based on the DHF problems and paper wastesthat too much abundant in the warehouse of Islamic University of Indonesia, we make electric matt by utilizing cambodia flower extract. The aims of this study are to know the influence of solvent type toyieldofcambodiaflower extract. Yield from alcohol solvent is 27.78%, aquadest solvent equal to 26.67%, and N-Hexane solvent equal to 21.11 %. This research also to know the mass transfer parameter which influence to thereleaseofcitronellol to the environment. In this experiment, we have tested the levels of cytronellol in three different solvents, aquadest, alcohol, and N-Hexan. In the three solvents, the maximum yield obtained when the cambodia flower extract was produced from the alcohol solvent was due to the diffusivityofcambodiaextract from alcohol solvent which was 0.013168243m² /s. This value almost equal to the pure cytroneloldiffusivity value is 0.020864053m²/s. On the other hand, the diffusivity value of the n-hexane solvent is 0.001001644 m² / s and from the aquadest solvent is 0.002614404 m² /s. Index terms – Cambodia Flower Extract; Electric Matt; Release