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Study the Extraction of Stephania Venosa (Blume) Spreny. Tubers

Stephania venosa (Blume) Spreng. is an important herb to treat to various diseases. This importance of treating is therefore study of the significant substances in the plant has be extracted by ethanol and methanol solvents. The Mayer’s reagent was tested the alkaloids. The separation and purification of the substance were used Thin layer chromatography (TLC) and column chromatography. We found that the extraction solutions were yellow color of precipitate when tested with the reagent. The retention factor (Rf) range of alkaloids was between 0.22-0.25 cm. The purification of the extraction solutions which, it was shown only one line on TLC plate and the Rf was about 0.24 cm. Therefore, the substances were extracted from Stephania venosa (Blume) Spreng. that was the alkaloid group. The advantage of extraction methods is that find the substance in plant and use to treat the diseases. Keywords - Stephania Venosa (Blume) Spreng., Alkaloids, Thin Layer Chromatography, The Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscop