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CFD Analysis of the Y-Intersection Blood Vessel

Blood is a biological fluid which circulates the oxygen to the tissues and other essential hormones and nutrients to various parts of the body. Blood vessels are tube-like structures through the tissues and organs. Blood disorders are critical conditions which lead to abnormality information and functioning of blood vessels. Blood flow is the movement of blood through the vessels and as the blood flows there are variations in the diameter of the vessel. There are numerous parameters associated with blood flow such as pressure, velocity, volume etc. Even minute change in these parameters can lead to serious disorders. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a domain of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis to inspect and solve problems that involve fluid flows. CFD has a wide variety of applications such as aerospace analysis, automobile, turbo machinery, thermal analysis, biomedical systems, etc. In this paper, bio-fluid physiology is studied. The flow of blood in a Y-intersection geometrical model of the blood vessel is analysed. By the numerical investigation, the contours of pressure, temperature, and velocities are obtained. Keywords - CFD, Y-Intersection, Blood Vessel and Fluid Flow