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An Integrated Maritime Cyber Security Policy Proposal

The security environment of the twenty-first century has changed. There is no 100% security. The aritime industry as a part of the cyber domain is a very competitive and complex industry. Increasingly dependent on complex critical communication and information systems make this industry one of the most susceptible to cybersecurity attacks. Cyber threats and cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated every day. As these attacks have been happening more frequency with serious consequences, cybersecurity has become a primary focus for the maritime industry. The cyber threats cannot be eliminated completely, but the risk can be greatly reduced to a level that allows maritime community to continue to prosper, and benefit from the huge opportunities that digital technology brings. Therefore, appropriate Cyber Defense measures and capabilities have to be in place to face and counter the threats from cyberspace. This will require having effective tools, a well-trained workforce and proper processes in place to detect, analyze, counter, and mitigate cyber threats and vulnerabilities. To help understand the risks, this paper attempts to analyze the common cyber threats, the possible actors behind a cyber-attack as well as its anatomy. Furthermore, there is a report about the vulnerabilities in ship systems but the main purpose of this paper is to propose a cyber-security policy and its components for the maritime sector. Keywords - Maritime, Cyber Defense Policy, Cyber Attacks, Vessels, Information Security, Cyber Security Policy, Cyber Attack, Integrity, Confidentiality, Availability.