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Genetic Parameters Estimates for Body Weight Traits of Maraz Goat Kids

Genetic Parameters of kid body weight traits are important in improving their genetic make-up with respect to production and productivity. This work was carried out at the private flock of Maraz goat at Bamerny Sub-district-Amadiya district -Duhok governorate-Kurdistan Region- Iraq during kidding seasons 2015-2016. Does were synchronized by using intra-vaginal sponges and mated with bucks by hand mating. Body weights of Marazkids at birth (BWT) (n=104), Weaning at 90 days of age (WWT) (n=75), and Six-month old (6MWT) (n=75) were recorded and obtained from 57 goats. General liner model and Mivqueo methodwithin SAS programme was used to estimate the genetic parameters for body weights. The heritability estimates for BWT, WWT and 6MWT were 0.04, 0.01 and 0.03, respectively. The genetic correlation coefficients between BWT and each of WWT and 6MWT were -0.61 and 0.29, respectively and that between WWT and 6MWT was -0.87. Also phenotypic correlation between BWT and each WWT and 6MWT were 0.29 and 0.42, respectively and between WWT and 6MWT was 0.98. It was concluded that heritability estimates were low in kid's body weights; this may suggest low genetic variations for kids' weights at various ages which may be due to the limited observations (replications) or inbreeding of the small size of the flock. Keywords - Body Weight Traits, Heritability, Genetic and Phenotypic Correlation, Maraz Goat.