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Designing Dry Fermentation Process to Generate 1 MW Electricity by Using Organic Waste-A Theoretical Study for Dammam, Saudi Arabia

This study aims to elaborate the scenario of using a food waste mixture of whey, potato waste, and corn waste to generate biogas after anaerobic digestion process in a plug-flow digester. The process is designed to generate 1MW of electricity. Then the resulted digestate material from the plug-flow reactor will be composted in a windrow composting process to use as a fertilizer. The scenario results showed that the generated electricity from the biogas will serve a number of 327 homes in the study region. In addition, there will be a compost production of about 7,027 tons per year. Finally, a net greenhouse gas reduction of 5,813.4 tons CO2-eq.per year is estimated for the whole process. Keywords - Anaerobic Digestion, Biogas, Green House Gas, Composting, Waste to Energy