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Epidemiology of Monkey Pox

Monkey Pox is one of zoonic diseases, that is disease and infection that can naturally transmitted from vertebrate animals to humans or human to human. Due to being classified as an infectious disease, it is necessary to know how the epidemiology and general description of this disease.In this paper, the author aims to discuss the epidemiology, the general description of the spread, methods of transmission, signs and symptoms, how to diagnose, how to treat, and how to prevent Monkey Poxusing the literature review method. The epidemiology andgeneral description of Monkey Pox needs to be known because Monkey Pox is an emerging disease that can suddenly appear in a population, but until now there is no specific medicine or vaccine has been found for the treatment and prevention of this disease. Keywords - Emerging Disease, Epidemiology, Monkey Pox, Zoonic Disease.