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Production of Hydrogen-Rich Gas by Bioethanol Steam Reforming Over Co/ZnO Catalyst

In this study, Co/ZnO catalysts were synthesized by the impregnation method with various active metal loading ratio. Characterization of the catalysts was performed by XRD, SEM, XRF, FT-IR and TGA techniques. Catalytic activities were investigated through steam reforming of ethanol with a 3: 1 vapor: carbon molar ratio, 600°C reaction temperature, and 0.05 L/gcat.h LHSV. With all catalysts, ethanol was completely converted to gas product. The highest hydrogen yield and the highest heating value were found as 2.62 mol H2/mol ethanol 65.26 MJ/kg, respectively in presence of Co/ZnO (20wt% Co loading) Keywords - Bioethanol, Steam Reforming, Catalyst, Hydrogen