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Kinetic Analysis of Agromyces Indicus on Degradation of Trimethylamine

Trimethylamine (TMA) owns an intolerable odor which has caused a communal distress in the previous several times. A rare microbial strain capable to oxidize TMA, labeled 16S, was isolated from Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) and identified as Agromyces indicus which has offered a quick mineralization when related to other microbial class which were proficient in degrading TMA. The removal efficiency of 100% has been estimated in various concentration of TMA. The kinetic study reveals the maximum reduction rate of TMA was 0.07 per hour and the maximum growth rate of biomass was 0.11 per hour correspondingly. The saturation constant of DMA was around 2.55 mg/l which shows a high affinity of DMA. The prominence of these investigates is accessible and communicated in this paper. Keywords - Agromyces sp; Ochrobactrum sp; Whole Genome Analysis; Dimethylamine; Bioremediation; Biodegradation Kinetics.