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Replication of Hierarchical NANO- and Microstructures on Polymers

We present a simple and cost-effective replication of hierarchical nano- and microstructures on polymers by injection molding. The hierarchical nano- and microstructure replication on polymers involved fabrication of microstructured Al mold by using a micro-robot tool and nanostructure fabrication by hot water treatment (HWT) of the microstructured Al. For HWT, de-ionized water (DIW), DIW+30 mM NaCl, and DIW+30 mM MgCl2 solutions were used to fabricate Al2O3 nanostructures. The hierarchical nano- and microstructures were replicated on polymer by injection molding. Wettability of microstructured polymer and hierarchical nano- and microstructures polymer were evaluated using the static water contact angle (WCA) measurement. The static WCA of microstructured polymer and hierarchical nano- and microstructured polymer were 161° and 164°, respectively. Keywords - Hot Water Treatment, Injection Molding, Water Contact Angle, Replication, Hierarchical Structures.