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Comparative Experimental Study on the Effects of Asphaltene on the Viscosity of Nigerian Crude oil

Asphaltene, being one of the major constituents of crude oil, plays active role in the physical characteristics of crude oil. Basically, the presence of asphaltene in crude oil has more disadvantages than advantages. Several research works has done research on the asphaltene content of crude oil, but this research work focuses on the effects that asphalteneon the viscosity of Nigerian crude oil. The asphaltene used in this study was extracted from crude oil samples that originated from Oredo oil field in Edo state, Nigeria and Oziengbe oil field in Rivers state, Nigeria. Experimental results show significant decrease in viscosity with increase in temperature for both samples. Oredo sample has a higher viscosity than Oziengbe sample at temperatures range of 30oC to 60oC. As the quantity of asphaltene was gradually increased in the samples, the same trend was also observed; but with an increased viscosity. Keywords - Asphaltene, Asphaltene Content, Petroleum Processing, Viscosity, Crude Oil