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Water Balance Model as a Preliminary Tool to Assess Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction: Technical Note

The technical note describes the conceptual application of a Water Balance Model (WBM) as a preliminary tool to investigate Groundwater-Surface Water (GW-SW) interaction between a low flowing river and the surrounding aquifers. The model is based on the water balance equation and can be applied on a low flowing river reach to determine its overall water gaining or losing status with respect to the surrounding aquifers. In doing so, the net water bulk exchanges between the two water resources can be also quantified as the basis to plan for detailed investigations. In a GW-SW interaction study, a WBM model should therefore be able to preliminarily determine if there is any water exchange between a low flowing river and surrounding aquifers, and also quantification of these exchanges. Keywords - Groundwater; Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction; Surface Water; Water Balance