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Effect of Biomass-to-Coal Ratio on Combustion Behavior of Co-Firing in Steam Power Plant

There have been attempts to increase the biomass loading in co-firing in steam power plant using coal such Mae Moe and many more in Thailand in order to mitigate the fuel crisis and environmental issues. To be certain with the combustion process and thermal loading, the 3D simulations of a pulverized coal tangentially fired steam boiler for 300 MWe power plant were conducted to investigate the hydrodynamics and thermal phenomena of the combustion mixed gas. With real operating conditions, different co-firing cases of two interest biomass i.e. corn cob and napier and lignite were studied. The results indicated the flow and temperature fields and variations of the combustion mixed gas. With the increase of biomass sharing, peak flame temperature reduced significantly due to the lower calorific value and high moisture and volatile contents but the swirl flow was apparent for all cases. Keywords - Biomass Fuel, Co-Firing, Steam Power Plant, Pulverized Boiler, Finite Element Scheme