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Comparative Study of Advance Degradation of Indigo Caramine: A Synthetic Dye

Organic pollutants have detrimental effects on ecology. These pollutants have adverse effects on human and aquatic life. Environmental safety communities always focused on the treatment of effluents from industries. Effluents cannot be treated effectively by conventional technologies. Those technologies for treatment are continuously rationalized for better results. Thus the new modern technologies come in phase to deal with the pollutants. Advanced Oxidation Process is been studied for the degradation of such pollutants. Indigo Caramine is broadly used dye in textile, medical, food preservative and pharmaceutical field. The degradation of the dye was observed by mainly combination of UV/H2O2 Fenton and Fenton like techniques. The decolourization and degradation of dye was determined by the absorbance and the organic matter in it was determined by Chemical oxygen demand. The comparative study between photo Fenton and Fenton like process is reported Keywords - Organic Pollutant, Advance Oxidation Process, Degradation, Chemical Oxygen Demand.