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Climate Variability Impact of Electric Energy –Water Nexus A Case Study on Indian Thermal Power Plants with Empirical Analysis

This paper employs a long panel data set of few selected Indian thermal power plants by fuel type that are thermal based for the time period 2000-2001 to 2008-2009 to test certain hypotheses regarding thermal power plants performance with respect to water withdrawals vis-a-vis power generation relative to normal seasonal variation. The study finds strong robust evidence in support of water shortage owing to the impact of changing climate. It forecasts the trend equations for water withdrawals and loss of electric generation for the succeeding time period of 2009-2013.The study suggests the imperative need of technological breakthroughs as an effective solution to counteract against the odds of climatic anomalies. Keeping in view of resource inefficiency i.e in terms of water utilization, this paper suggests pertinent sustainable developmental management strategies as a policy recommendation to abridge the water gap in arid regions of selected thermal power plants. Keywords - Seasonal Variation, Water Withdrawals, Cooling Tower, Evaporation Losses